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Everything you need to keep your farm up and running is here on our shelves. You can come to our animal feed store to buy cattle feed, goat feed and chicken feed for excellent prices. You'll have plenty of healthy, well-fed animals on your farm when you buy from us.

Contact us today to learn more about our animal feed store in Parowan, UT and our tractors for sale, farm equipment repairs, animal feed and additional feed.

What makes L & W Services right for you?

We have nearly 40 years of experience selling farm and ranch equipment and supplies. We offer many products suitable for many farm and garden applications, and excellent deals on all kinds of supplies. Farmers and homeowners with large plots of land can depend on us for equipment sales and an excellent animal feed source. Our experienced ag professionals know just how to get your tractor up and running.

We also offer welding farm equipment and agricultural sprinkler system services. Call 435-477-8863 today to learn more.

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We have everything you need for your tractors and more

Make sure none of your chickens, horses or cows go hungry. L & W Services has all the animal feed you need. You can come to our animal feed store to buy supplies for your farm. Operating your own farm can be really rewarding, but it also requires a lot of supplies and equipment. We make it easy for you by carrying everything you might need.

We're proud to be a preferred local tractor dealer in Parowan, UT. We're here to help you by:

certified ag repair professionals

new and used equipment sales

vehicle and farm equipment servicing

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